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Customized Interior Design Services in Tempe, AZ


As a rental property owner, you’ve likely grappled with the challenge of styling your properties to attract bookings. The struggle to create an appealing and comfortable environment that resonates with potential renters can often feel overwhelming. You yearn for your properties to stand out and be the top choice for tenants searching for a home away from home in Tempe, Arizona.

You shouldn’t have to face these challenges alone. Transforming your rental property into a desirable haven for guests is attainable. Let us introduce Spice Up Your Home, our professional interior designs in Tempe, Arizona. We understand your needs and are here to help breathe life into your properties.

Spice Up Your Home Photos with Professional Interior Design

At Spice Up Your Home, we offer professional interior design services in Tempe, AZ. Our goal is to help you create spaces that not only look fantastic in photos but also feel inviting and homely for your guests. By blending functionality and aesthetics, we ensure your properties are both beautiful and practical.

Recent news suggests a surge in home remodeling, specifically bathrooms, among Arizona homeowners, particularly in Tempe. As a leading interior design service in Tempe, AZ, we specialize in home decoration that will spice up your home photos, enhancing the allure of your property to prospective renters.

Meet Talia: Our Expert Interior Designer

Talia, our leading interior designer, plays a pivotal role in transforming your properties. With her keen eye for detail and passion for creating beautiful spaces, Talia will work closely with you to understand your vision and bring it to life.

Our process is simple yet effective:

  1. We discuss your needs, preferences, and budget.
  2. Talia creates a unique design plan tailored to your property.
  3. We bring the design to life, ensuring every detail aligns with the plan and your vision.

Remember, home decoration is not just about making your property look good; it’s about creating an environment that makes potential renters feel at home. And that’s exactly what we aim to achieve at Spice Up Your Home.

Let’s Spice Up Your Home!

The style of your rental property plays a crucial role in the number and quality of bookings you receive. A poorly designed space could deter potential renters, leading to fewer bookings and lower rental income. On the other hand, a beautifully designed home can attract more guests and even allow you to charge a premium for your property.

With Spice Up Your Home, you can transform your properties into spaces that you and your guests will cherish for years to come. We’re proud to serve rental property owners in Tempe, Arizona, helping them elevate their property aesthetics and boost their bookings. Let’s spice up your home together!


We love to hear from all of our satisfied clients!

Spice Up Your Home is the most amazing place ever! I have bought many things from her store and they are all unique pieces that you can’t find anywhere! Love this store and Talia! Great quality as well.


Spice Up Your Home Furniture and Staging just staged one of my client’s homes for sale that I listed. The job they did went beyond all expectations. The decorating is amazing, and it looks like a model home. It is absolutely STUNNING! Both myself and the seller could not be happier. They were so professional, and did everything as promised, and right on schedule. They are the best!


Spice Up Your Home Furniture is amazing. They transformed my remodel to help me sell my property immediately. They have competitive pricing and I would recommend them to anybody. 


Spice Up Your Home is a very unique store that I have fallen in love with. You will find very unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that will impress any guest that visits your home. If you need help redecorating a room or two Talia and her team will be there to help and guide you in finding the right pieces for your home. Talia and her team also specialize in staging homes that are currently on the market. 


These people are AMAZING! Such amazing, wonderful service and adorable furniture. They have something for everyone, whatever your style tastes are and are extremely knowledgeable. Thank you for all of your help in setting up my apartment!!! It’s taken my house and made it a home. I’m eternally grateful!


I treat every project the way I would like it as if it were my own home and absolutely love our clients!

Founder, Interior Designer

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